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劳动法Small Business Directory Submission Guidelines

劳动法.com is the premier directory for legal industry businesses seeking to expand their online presence 在 minimal cost. Thousands of small businesses rely on us every day to find the resources they need to stay ahead in today‘s competitive business environment.

In order to preserve the high quality of this small business resource, we require that all listing submissions follow the guidelines below.


  • Do not submit sites that redirect to another site.
  • No pornography, gambling or adult sites will be accepted.
  • Do not submit sites that largely consist of affiliate links or doorway pages.
  • Do not submit sites that are still"under construction"or contain broken links 和 images.
  • Only English language web sites will be reviewed 在 this time.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Category

  • Submit your web site to just one category. Choose the category that best describes your site.
  • Each URL you submit comprises one listing. Do not submit the same URL more than once.


  • Use an appropriate name for your site title, such as your company, product or service name. Irrelevant titles or titles that are too long will be edited or may cause your submission to be rejected.
  • Use appropriate descriptions that will clearly present what you offer for your products or services. Promotional language may be removed or your submission will be rejected.

How to Submit Your Directory Listing

To submit your site for inclusion in the WorkingManLawsmall business directory, simply navigate to the appropriate category 和 make your submission (use the"add your site"link on the top right side of the page).

Upon successful review, your site will be added to our directory for a free period of 90days. After the free period, you will have the choice to continue having you website appear on the WorkingManLawsite with an annual payment of $ 50.00.

从这里开始 to find your category 和 submit your small business resource listing now.

劳动者报酬 Law Firm Profiles

Meet Colorado 劳动者报酬, 人身伤害
和 Insurance Dispute Attorney R. Mack Babcock

Prior to founding The Babcock Law Firm, LLC, R. Mack Babcock spent many years on the other side of 劳动者报酬, 车祸, 人身伤害保险纠纷 representing some of the largest insurance companies 和 corporations in Colorado as an 在torney 在 a midsize insurance defense firm.

Babcock is a member of the Colorado 和 Denver Bar Associations, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association 和 the 劳动者报酬 Educational Association. In early 2008, he was elected as the Colorado House District 43 Committee Chairperson for the Douglas County Colorado Democratic Party.

In connection with this position, he is responsible for finding a candidate(s) to run for House District 43, overseeing the campaign(s), organizing volunteers, 和 also sits on the executive committee for the Douglas County Democratic Party.

Meet Atlanta's Top 劳动者报酬 和 Work Injury Attorneys

In 2018, two widely respected 在torneys joined forces to establish Gerber&Holder Attorneys 在 Law, an Atlanta-based 劳动者报酬 law firm dedicated to protecting injured workers in Georgia. Together, Ben Gerber 和 Thomas Holder bring an impressive resume of combined skills, knowledge, resources 和 experience to work for individuals suffering from a work-related accident such as 背部和颈部受伤, 脊髓创伤, 头部和大脑受伤, 施工事故, 车祸, 卡车事故 和别的 灾难性伤害.

Both 在torneys have an impressive history of success in 劳动者报酬 cases with over 50 years of combined experience practicing law in Georgia. Their accomplishments include recognitions from Super Lawyers, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, AV Martindale-Hubbell, Avvo, the Atlanta Bar Association, Knights of the Bar, the Lawyers' Foundation of Georgia 和别的s. Ben Gerber also appeared as a guest on the radio show Atlanta Legal Experts. He's also an active member of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claimant’s Lawyers (WCCL) board, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, Atlanta Bar Association 和 the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation.

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